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ThunderGwen XXX

Even if they’re from totally different cartoons the petite redheads must remain with each other. Why would they do that? Because crossover hentai parodies can be just as entertaining! Take a seat with Gwen Tennyson, “Ben 10 Alien Force” as she searches for the mysterious character of “ThunderCats” within the forest. Watch out there’s plenty of lesbian action ahead!

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[ENGLISH] [BEN 10] Sultry Summer Part 1

Gwen was thinking about it from the moment she has found out that Ben is into skinny redheads – she was thinking about being a thin redhead and could she have the chance to get a fling with Ben one day? This comic will give a simple and only answer to that question. Of course, she will have the chance! She will have more chances if she moves a bit more quickly.

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