Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ben10 and the 2nd Summer Chapter Two

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ben10 and the 2nd Summer Chapter Two

Is that the way you talk about your cousin and the mother of your son? Gwen asked, the redhead adjusted the blue barrette in her hair and then folded her arms below her milk filled breasts as she glared at her cousin and half-brother.

Gwen? Ben said in surprise, taking in the familiar white cabri pants and blue on blue tee shirt with the cat emblem between the wet spots formed by the milk dripping from her nipples where they formed bumps against the fabric of her shirt. Ben tried to keep his mind off how much he wanted to suck his cousins nipples and fuck her pussy and stay focused on what was happening. I thought you were going to spend the summer at home to take care of Ken and avoid having a second baby before our son is a year old.

Thats what I had in mind, Gwen agreed as Grandpa Max pulled the rustbucket out of the school parking lot and headed for the interstate, but I was outvoted. Our parents, Jane, Keesha, and Keeshas mom all decided that Grandpa Max would need help to make sure that you dont end up impregnating half the girls in the continental US.

But Gwen, Ben started to whine, taking a seat at the dinning room table when he realized that he was still standing, Im not going to go fuck crazy. I dont need a babysitter.

Thats not what we decided, Gwen said matter of factly.

Who is we? Ben asked sourly.

Me, your mom, my mom, Jane, Keesha, and Keeshas mom, Gwen said, listing off all the women Ben had fucked and impregnated in the past year. Look Ben, we dont mind if you fuck other girls while youre out with Grandpa Max for the summer. In fact we expect you to fuck other girls, with your sex drive I think its a miracle that the six of us are able to keep you satisfied. But we dont want you to fuck every pussy you come across this summer because that would probably mean a noticeable rise in the birthrate in the next nine to twelve months.

Maybe, Ben admitted with a mischievous grin as he thought of the possibilities.

Since our moms and Keeshas mother have to work they couldnt join the two of you for the summer. Since Jane is carrying your twins shes way to big to spend the summer traveling around the country in an RV, especially since the babies are due the end of this month. Keesha might be able to travel with you since her baby isnt due until the end of the summer, but you wouldnt be able to pass her off as a family member so shes out too. And that leaves me to join you for the summer while my mom and Jane take care of Ken for me. Hopefully Ill take the edge off your libido so you dont end up impregnating every girl you meet over the next three months.

Maybe, Ben said with a smirk, but if Im fucking you every night youll be knocked up by the end of the summer again. Are you sure you want to have two babies in less than a year?

Jane doesnt seem to mind having two in one year, Gwen pointed out, and as it turns out Im already going to have another baby.

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