Ben and Gwen get reacquainted – Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Max gathered his thoughts and opened the door with an electrical lead. He then unlocked the power box and plugged the power cord in. Max had a special setup because of the e.t. items built into the RB over the years. Checked to see if everything was working as it should. He stood up and turned around and there was Cindy. She had her butt leaning against the picnic table with her legs spread wide in a mini that if it were any shorter, but it was and Max could see why her friends call her Sin, he could see she was not wearing nickers and even a reflectiveness on her cunt lips showing not only did she look horney but she was as ready to take Max’x cock as he was ready to give it to her.
So as Max walked over to Cindy he undid his belt, un-buttoned his pants and dropped the zip. By the time he had stepped between Cin’s legs he just dropped his pants and boxers and lifted Cindy onto the picnic table. Cindy’s eye just opened wide and a big smile spread across her face as Max grabbed and aimed his cock and thrust deep into Cindy’s cunt. It was a tight fit and Max groaned as his cock came to a friction stop three quarters into Cindy. Holy shit girl your tight as a 12 year old.
Cindy may have fucked a couple of hundred guys in her day but this was different. She had never encountered a dick so big. Sure she thought some had been big but experience is relative. Compared to Max’s cock they had been minnows in a pond. Max was the real deal now she knew big. All she could do was moan and groan and wimpier. Cindy could not help but role her hips trying to get more of Max’s cock deeper into her now really wet cunt. She had her first orgasm as soon as Max had rammed his cock in her cunt. Another while he was pounding it deeper and deeper int to her now stretched cunt. Another when Max had bottomed out his shaft. After the last orgasm, they started small and were just getting bigger and more intense which thrust, she realized Max’s cock head had forced it’s way past her cervix and with every new thrust it was popping in and out of her womb. She was so near a really big orgasm having now been driven up by Max’s pounding.
Max looked down at Cindy’s cunt all stretched open now with his cock half embedded in it. He could see she wasn’t a blond but a light red head which just made Max harder swelling his cock and lust up bigger and better. Cindy had her eye closed and her legs over Max’s shoulders getting into the beat drawing Max into her cunt. Max pulled down the strapless top and exposed a set of really firm and pointed tits. So he grabbed hold of her lest tit with his right hand and right tit with his left hand and massaged and pull hard pulling Cindy onto his cock. He had trouble with how wet her cunt was juices were flowing like a water fall. Good thing her ass was hanging over the edge of the table and he was leaning into Cindy. His pants worn’t going to get to wet. Finely with a really big thrust he could feel the head of his cock push through her cervix. It was so tight he knew she had never been womb fucked before. She cam so hard her cervix nearly bit his cock head off. Good thing it didn’t have teeth! She cam like a rocket and held Max’s cock solid for a bit so he bent forward and had a good suck on her tits. They were so tasty he felt he could do with eating for a month. He sucked and started to chew a bit. Cindy loosened up just enough to start humping again and he went back to massaging those lush tits and straitened up so as to thrust in and out of that cunt better. Which he did. He was really liking the action on his cock head as it got squeeze hard every time it jammed into her womb. Max could feel Cindy’s climax building as his was. Suddenly Cindy gripped Max’s cock head with her cervix locking his cock in place as she orgasmed so hard she bent herself almost in half lifting her back completely of the table and forcing her full 90 pounds against and over Max’x cock. Max couldn’t hold it any longer either. He blew his bolt hard. Half a dozen times he spasmed and it wasn’t getting out. All his cum was building in the tube as Cindy had his dick head so clamped it couldn’t get out. It was really starting to get painful. He looked at Cindy’s tits and saw teeth marks around the nipples. He realised when he put them in she had released his cock head the first. So in he went and sucked the nipple between front teeth fondleing it then nipping it hard but not braking the skin. Cindy’s cunt relaxed and let Max have enough slack all his cum gushed into her womb stretching it like a ballon ready to pop. His cock was so jammed in Cindy’s cunt the his cum was forced into her tubes and ovaries inflating them as well. After a good minute in this shaking cramped orgasm Cindy fainted. Max could not believe his luck with Cindy she had been as horny as he had been. Now he was satisfied his balls were so much lighter.
As he extracted his cock from Cindy cunt it fell limp flopping half way down his thigh. Dripping cum onto his shoe and pants. He could not remember when he had cum so much so quickly. Cindy was out for the count. Looking at her cunt. There was her cunt juices and his cum dripping from it. She was so stretched out the juices just welled inside her cunt. He had busted her cunt something farce. She was going to remember this fuck for the rest of her life.
Well he best check on the kids now looking over his shoulder. I wonder how much time it took for that fuck. Checking his watch to his surprise three minutes! is that all Man that’s got to be the harder and quickest fuck of his life. What was even more of a surprise was Cindy came first, man did she cum first. Max lifted Cindy up onto the table top and made her comfortable. Laying her on her back so as to have a really good look. She had a fine set of jugs with small nipples slender waist and a small bubble butt. Now that he was looking hard she had nice long legs for her hight, well formed strong but not muscular thighs and small feet. Over all very nice package. She had a really cute face very round large eyes round nose lovely full lips. A real fuck magnet and he got his cock into it. Her pussy was very nice too. She wasn’t skinny just a little normal fat which gave her pussy a nice rounded mound. Her pussy had a little clit but a very trim vulva. Not like some he’d fucked. Hers was trim and looked very clean and very slippery stretched open like it was. Man had he fucked her but good, she was going to stay loose for a few days. If she was even going to be able to walk straight for that time. Giving a groan of satisfaction he turned to the RB with the thought that he had good taste in woman.
Opening the door and sliding into the RB Max saw the kids hard at it. Fucking each other and making the cutest noises. Gwen was squeaking with every breath and Ben grunted with every thrust in and a moan of pain even time he pulled out a little bit. Max knew Ben had crack Gwen’s womb and he was only half in. That boy had a good chance of having the biggest cock in the would and he was his grande son to boot. Max got closer to the table to where Gwen’s head was just about a hands gap from his balls. They still hadn’t noticed him they were so caught up in fucking each other. Now he had a good look at how they were fucking. Looking down on Gwen’s cunt she was stretched really wide. Her clit was swollen and bright red while her cunt lips were swollen and pulsing with her heart and it was going like a steam train. She had grabbed Ben’s cock and was trying to shove the whole thing into her cunt. You could see Ben’s cock moving through the skin on her abdomen and banging into her belly button making it close every time he thrust in and when Ben came you could see his cock twitch when he spat his cum into Gwen’s Womb.
Max had a full hard on again.

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