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Ben 10 Porn Story: "Ben 10: Hentai story"

Ben 10: Small problem. Chapter I €œ.
Ben saw his chance. If he could bombard her with enough compliments perhaps he could
escape this without further injury. Taking a deep breath he launched himself into his rant. €œOf
course. They€™re gorgeous. At my size they€™re the size of grandpa€™s Winnebago. They€™re two
enormous sexy balloons of flesh and just looking at them is getting me sexually aroused. Their
size, their shape. The size and colour of those nipples and their hardness; they are the most
perfect specimens of preteen mammary€™s that could possibly exist.€
Gwen stared down at him, almost dumbfounded. She had never heard anyone say anything so
beautiful about her body before. Ben had never paid her so many compliments in one go
before. Even if they had been delivered under the threat of pain they still reached her and
made a smile spread on her face. €œOh Ben. Thank you.€
She loosened the grip of her fist and shifted and changed it. She pulled him in close, pressing
him between her breasts in an extremely weird mismatched hug, sing her hands instead of her
arms to hold him close to her body. Ben could hardly breath as he was squashed between the
two fleshy mountains. They were a lot more firm than they looked but still had a little give as he
rubbed his hands over them. He was panicking, waving his arms around, trying to get Gwen€™s
attention. He did just that, but not in the way he wanted. The rubbing and pressure at the base
of her young tits, and her body already aroused after her interrupted masturbation, new waves
of pleasure began to build up inside her and her pussy jumped out of it€™s pause mode and her
desire to finger herself returned with new vigour.
Allowing her hand to find its way down to her moistening cunt, she closed her eyes and
envision Continue reading

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This is cousin love – Benjamin Tannyson and Gwen Tannyson are very sweet together…

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ben and gwen have hot sex out side their uncles RV. Ben then decides to see what his omnitrix can really do


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Gwen riding bens dick and gives her a creampie inside her vagina.

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you may see the beautiful gwen tenison kissing the rude boy kevin

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In this picture Ben is fucing a very beautiful naked Gwen who have two very big tits.

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Gwen on top of Ben, having hot sex and hard fucking

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grandpa max bends gwen over and fucks her doggy style

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