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Ben 10 Porn Story: Dimmension – Chapter 1

Ben 10 Porn Story: Dimmension – Chapter 1

(I do not own the
rights to Ben Ten Alien Force nor its characters, etc. I apologize in
advance if this story is a little OOC.)

It was just one of
those days where you just didnt want to get out of bed and face
the day ahead of you. The sun was shining into a small bedroom, its
rays trying to yank the fifteen year old boy still snoozing away from
dreamland and into reality. Just what had he done to deserve that? It
just didnt seem fair. Finally when the light was just too intense
to ignore any longer, green eyes flickered upon and the brown haired
boy sat up, a yawn passed through his lips as he stretched his arms
up above his head.

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Tonight Ben and Gwen did it hardcore anal style!

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Ben 10 Hentai: Feelings for you – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Fishing

WARNING: Super long

Grandpa Max is
currently is going 65 on the highway since 70 is the speeding limit.

Where were going?
Ben asks

Youll see. Max
answers with a smile on his face.

Wonder why hes
smiling. Ben thought

Almost forgot, we
will be heading back to Bellwood tomorrow afternoon. Max tells Ben
and Gwen.

Ben goes pale like he
had heard a ghosts voice in his ear.

Why? Ben demands

Two reasons Max
says One is for new clothes.

Oh man. Ben

Yes! Gwen happily

Second reason is
that school is starting soon.

Ben groans in

Just another year
for me to pass. Gwen boasts

Its not that,
another miserable year with Cash and J.T. Ben says miserably

Gwen walks over from
the table and smacks Ben in the head.

What was that for?!
Ben asks while rubbing his head

Simple. Gwen says
Stop being a chicken and stand up for yourself.

You make it sound so

You make it sound

Your birthdays are
coming up. Max tells I think I got a present for you guys.

It was the first time
that Ben or Gwen ever had been happy about their birthdays normally
because before they fell in love that was the rivalry.

I hope its not of
his food. Gwen whispers to Ben.

I can agree to
that. Ben whispers.

The group passes a
billboard sign that says Sunset Lake up ahead.

Whats Sunset
Lake? Gwen asks

Its where were
going to catch some salmon. Max answers

Why? Ben asks

Youll see. Max
replies in a mysterious way.

Both Ben and Gwen
exchange confused looks at each other but they stop after a few

By the time the group
gets to the lake it was alread Continue reading

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Ben and Gwen are sleeping naked after a exhausting but fun time…

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Sexy Gwen Tennyson sucks her cousin Ben’s huge cock!


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Julie Yamamoto is obviously celebrating a victory, probably a sexual victory.

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Ben stuck halfway between his wolf form and human form, tring to have sex with Kai Green, who is breast feeding two of Ben’s half wolf kids.

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